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    Tessera Glass specializes in Ceramic and Glass Mosaic Tile . We carefully select each of our products for quality and beauty resulting in a stunning spectrum of colors and styles. Our tile can be used in architectural projects such as swimming pools, kitchen backsplashes, floors, and bathrooms, as well as craft projects and mosaic art.

    Tessera Glass derives its name from the original Italian definition: an individual piece of mosaic or mosaic tile. As one of the oldest art forms, mosaic art continues to endure. Evolving materials and tools have allowed mosaic art to transcend history. Stone was the original material of choice for mosaics due to its ability to withstand harsh conditions in a variety of applications. With the advancement of technology, glass, ceramic, stained glass and metal have joined the list of durable mosaic products. Modern mosaics make installation a breeze and very affordable for the DIYer.

    Tessera Glass offers a brilliant blend of eye catching tile colors of the highest quality. Imagine the possibilities and discover the beauty and durability of affordable Ceramic, Glass and Recycled Glass Mosaic Tile for your next decorative tile project.

    Combine various mosaic tiles to create a one of a kind color experience that suits your individual vision. Tap into your creative and artistic side and consider the endless possibilities for unique and awe inspiring designs. Explore our photo gallery for inspiration or take one of the many classes we offer – find your inner artist.

    Tessera Glass can work with you to fabricate any Custom Design or Gradient. The staff has worked with Home Owners, Interior Designers, Architects, and Business Owners from San Francisco to New York, professionals from Africa, Australia, Canada, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia. Bring us your ideas and we will help you create and complete a custom design that will surely add value and beauty to any project.



      We do our best ship the same day your order is placed. Occasionally we get backed-up so if you have any questions as to the status of your order, just give us a shout.
    • IN STOCK:

      The tile that is featured on our website is always in stock. In the coming months we are looking to expand our current lines as well as adding new fresh products, so check back often to see what is new!

      We believe that you are the reason we are here and we want you to be happy with our products. We offer a 100% material refund for tile returned within 30 days of your receipt (*see our Return Policy for details).

      We support professional artists, small shop owners, professional architects and designers, and tile resellers by offering wholesale accounts to help spread the use of mosaics and mosaic art. Contact us to see how you can qualify. (Documents and Verification may be required)

      As avid advocates of art education in our public and private schools and institutions we offer pricing discounts to all education professionals. If you would like to learn more about how we can help, please contact us for ideas and requirements.
    Tessera Glass
    Tessera Glass